Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Hottest and Most Demanding Games of 2011

It happens every year at E-3 of the world's largest video game expo. Inevitably, the games that people most eager to get are the ones that will not be that year. It was especially this year, as some of the biggest titles on display will not hit store shelves before the holidays 2011. It is frustrating for the players but for the shareholders, may pave the way for a long term investment.

Action games (and shooters) are the largest selling category in the gaming which 32 percent of all sales. A title can also be a blockbuster year in business.

Shooters Thrive As Court Case Looms

The Supreme Court scheduled to hear arguments later this year on whether states should be allowed for the sale of violent video games to regulate think game makers would consider the number of shooter titles.
You'd be wrong. Despite the pending case, dramatically redefining the industry, developers and publishers have a full range of action games made for the end of 2010 and Early 2011.
Action and shooter games are a big part of the profits of the industrial center. Together they made the tabs almost 32 percent of all games sold in 2009, according to the Entertainment Software Association. That makes them the industry's most popular genre. Only sports games, which accounted for nearly 20 percent of sales come close.
Key Players in particular, enjoy action movies, but despite the controversy that surrounds these games, they have proven popular with mainstream audiences, too.


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