Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fruit Ninja Kinect - Latest Game Review

Fruit Ninja Kinect try to sweeten the pot by giving you a variety of magazines, stationery and shadow effects to unlock. Some of these naturally play just by spending time with the game NOK, while others represent unique challenges, such as cutting of each strawberry, and nothing else in a game of Arcade mode. The ability to customize the look of the game a bit is a welcome one to adjust, but it doesn't hide the fact that this is a simple mini-games sold for the price of a full downloadable games. Like the aforementioned strawberry fruit Ninja Kinect sweet, but it does't long, and you's soon a much more extensive.
There are three single player modes, each change of action in any way. In Classic mode, you have three lives and lose a life each time a fruit escapes from the wrath of your uninjured. In addition, the bombs often raised with fruit, and if you slice one of these, the game is over immediately, no matter how many lives you have left. It's crushing by contact with a bomb brings a promising chance for a new high score at the end, but the controls work properly NOK that when this happens, you have only yourself to blame. This risk means that you just can't swing your arms wildly, like a true master of the shadow art, you must be precise.
In Arcade mode, you have 60 seconds to score as many points as possible. It's no penalty for not cutting the fruit before it falls off the screen, and cutting a bomb will cost 10 points instead of the game to an end. Bonus sometimes bananas, and cut it to offer certain advantages, a fruit frenzy and double points for a time triggers. Zen mode is the most relaxed of the bunch. This phase lasts 90 seconds, and there is no life, no bombs and no bananas.
There are also a pair of two-player mode where players stand side by side and cut the fruit at the same time. The Team Arcade mode, you will work together to share your score to maximize. In Battle mode, you compete to see who can earn the most points before time runs out. It's nice to eradicate oranges with a friend for a while, but in the Battle mode, the game often seems to give a player the upper hand by him or her with more fruit cutting.

Sometimes you just want a game to distract you for a few minutes. Column hundreds of fresh, juicy fruit is a fun way to spend some time to kill, and this has made Fruit Ninja is a popular mobile game. You can cut some oranges, pineapple hack and slash a few strawberries on the bus, and once you know where you're going, you can use the game reserve, has a short, complete lack of experience you can immediately forget to focus on other things. With Fruit Ninja Kinect, roam fruit slicing action on your mobile device to your TV, and although the performance of the Kinect is very good, this is still, at heart, the same game you can play on the phone a buck. At $ 10, runs the sweetness of these mini-games a bit sour, and the same play-and-forget quality that served as a virtue in a morning commuter traffic is a bit of a liability in the living room. Fruit Ninja is a fun distraction - nothing more and nothing less.


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